Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Deadline 9 October 2020

Participants may submit poster or oral abstracts for the EDAD Digital Congress. The abstracts that are going to be presented at the congress should be experimental study, clinical study or original article that can contribute to the scientific development.

The abstracts will be published without editing, therefore, authors should check the grammar and spelling before submitting the abstracts. The content of the abstracts is also in responsibility of researchers.

Abstracts should be submitted by online abstract submission system. An automatic e-mail will be sent to the authors after receiving the abstract. Abstracts sent via mail and via fax will be counted as invalid. There is no chance to make any changes in the abstract after submitting it.

The presenting authors are required to register for the congress.

Abstract Preparation Rules
Posters and oral presentations should be prepared in English.
The presenting author of the abstracts and his/her contact information should be stated clearly (the name of presenting author should be underlined).
Names and affiliations of all authors should be stated clearly.
Objective, Materials and Method, Results and Conclusion sections should be written as different paragraphs. The abstract body should not exceed 300 words (excluding title, authors and affiliations) and should not include any pictures, tables or graphics.
Objective: Should indicate the exact aim of the study and why this aim it is important for this study.
Materials and Methods: The methods that are used during the study, sampling method, population, materials, equipment, brand names and the statistical analyses should be indicated.
Results: All results should be indicated with the p value.
Conclusion: In this section the results about the questions which were investigated in the study should be written and discussed in terms of clinical manner.
In the abstract; the aim of the study, materials and methods, results sections should be written in summary with the adequate number of quantitative data. The conclusion should be made based on the results of the study.
In the case of using abbreviations, the full phrase of the abbreviation should be indicated within paranthesis.
The posters should be sent to congress secretariat in PDF format until October 15, 2020 via email. Posters can be prepared in PPT format and saved as PDF file.
Oral presentation sessions will be designated according to the accepted abstracts and all details about preparing the presentations will be provided to the authors together with the acceptance letters.
Oral presentations should be sent to congress secretariat with a zoom recording until October 15, 2020 via email.
Any abstract which is not prepared according to the above mentioned abstract submission rules will not be taken into consideration.

Important Points
If you will be using the online abstract submission system for the first time, you need to create a user profile for yourself.
The information provided on the system will guide you to submit your abstract successfully. Please pay attention to all provided information.
The abstracts will be published without any editing, therefore, it is required to check spelling errors before submitting your abstract.
Please keep the messages that you will be receiving from the online abstract system until the end of the congress dates.
All process about your abstract can be followed up through the online abstract system.
Should you need any technical support or have any queries about abstract submission, please contact to the Congress Secretariat via edad2020@k2-events.com.

Evaluation of Abstracts
The evaluation process will be executed by the Abstract Evaluation Committee. The presenting authors are required to register for the congress in order to have the abstract evaluated. The Scientific Committee holds the right to change the presentation type of the abstract. The acceptance letters will be sent to the authors via e-mail.

Important Dates
Deadline for abstract submission is October 9, 2020. The acceptance letters will be sent to the submitting author no later than October 10, 2020.

Scientific Committee
Dr. Tonguç Sülün (President)
Dr. Daniel Edelhoff
Dr. Roberto Sorrentino
Dr. Rafael Calixto
Dr. Camillo D’Archangelo
Dr. Hande Şar Sancaklı
Dr. Juan Arias Romero
Dr. Yılmaz Umut Aslan